Friday, 5 July 2013

Farm Owners Begin Frustration In Noida Yet Again

Farm owners have improved their frustration yet again in the entire Gautam Budh Nagar region stopping development perform at around a number of developers’ websites. Noida farmers ceased development perform in Areas 74, 79, 112 and 119, vandalized the equipment and even bashed the labourers. Farm owners have announced that they will not allow development to continue until Noida and Greater Noida regulators honor the Allahabad high purchase from the judge and give them additional agreement and designed plots of area.

Noida Power authorities welcomed the demonstrators to talk about the issue, but farmers rejected the offer. They are now planning to set flame to the effigy of Power chair Rama Raman on Saturday. Worrying a backlash, designers have desired security at their development websites.

“We are not challenging anything extra from the Power. We just want them to apply the transaction from the judge,” said Naresh Yadav, head of all Noida towns. “The previous and present state government authorities and the regulators have been looting the farmers together with the designers. We will not allow the designers to carry out development perform in Noida until our requirements are not met,” he included.

Farmers say that agreement of their land-related requirements has been put into a cold space for storage from the last two years. The judge had given the transaction to pay farmers 64% improved agreement and 5% designed plots of area. Besides, the farmers also want regularization of abadi area in their towns.

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