Tuesday, 25 June 2013

40% JNNURM Homes Empty, 20% Marketed Or Rented

Over two years after the government accepted over the key elements of nearly 8,000 low-cost houses developed under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Town Restoration Purpose (JNNURM) property plan to the people, a amazing 40% of the houses are still soothing vacant.

This, even as nearly 20% of the houses have been put on rental or promoted off by the people, while the remaining 40% are loaded by people that the government regulators are yet to recognize. These are the amazing results of a newest example research conducted by the Greater Visakhapatnam Community Company (GVMC) department of city team development (UCD) on the 7,964 houses accepted over to people.

The GVMC is planning to take up a comprehensive research soon to recognize the citizens of the remaining 40% houses to find out if they are genuine or bogus people. “The example research revealed that most of the houses were not loaded by the people who were accepted over the key elements. We have determined to execute a comprehensive research by watching the houses during morning hours to check the citizens and if they are genuine people. We will also provide legal understands to the bogus citizens on the recognize itself. However, all this will take two to three a few several weeks,” UCD project home, MNA Patrudu, advised TOI.

According to GVMC regulators, the government had accepted 15,320 houses under JNNURM to GVMC, since 2009. However, GVMC determined to make only 14, 267 houses and said it would not make the remaining 1053 houses mainly due to area problems.

So far, GVMC has been able to complete the development of only 7,964 houses in 43 layouts and has accepted over the key elements to the people since mid 2011. Another 4,757 houses are under various stages of development.

The price of each property system differs from Rs 1.65 lakh to Rs 1.81 lakh, in accordance with the dimension the house. The people of JNNURM low-cost property project are selected depending on three criteria: city insufficient, recovery and shifting. However, it was discovered that the reason for most people shying away from taking up the houses was the absence of main functions like water, power, waterflow and waterflow and drainage, streetlights and even enjoyment functions.Posted by viswa mandalapu.

Source : http://www.indianrealtynews.com/other-city/40-jnnurm-houses-vacant-20-sold-or-rented.html